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shut up venture, you loser, nobody gives a fuck.

I feel like you tried too hard to prove something, yet ended up not really proving anything? Your writing is mediocre at best. I didn't feel like you were pulling me in, more so rambling to try and get a point across that could be best said in less words. Detail, of course, is very important, but you've sort of ran it into the ground and I grew bored within the first few paragraphs. This is just my opinion of course, but I'd hardly say that you were "the shit".

that’s your opinion, you’re right. and i don’t actually think i am “the shit.” i talk a big game, that’s pretty much it. i’m like a peacock strutting their stuff. i do know i’m good, though. it’s all i’ve ever been good at, so hey, shut the hell up. it’s my style and i don’t rightly care if i’m “trying too hard” to prove it or not - that sample of writing is over a year old, regardless, and i can admit that, especially towards the end, it does get a bit rambly.  i can admit more about my writing than most people, and that’s honestly part of what makes me good - i’m honest with myself about my faults. “trying too hard” would be writing an entire thing then and there to prove my point. instead, i took a sample of writing that i continue to be proud of. i’m proud of most everything i’ve written, from the sonnet i wrote about a fairy king, to the slapstick zombie gore. i’m multifaceted and don’t really need to prove it to you, or anyone else, as i’ve already proven it to myself, time and time again.

proof that i am, in fact, the shit.


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rules to writing:

i adhere to these rules. if you don’t like it, me, or my writing, then simply unfollow me. there’s literally no point in posting on simsecret except for your own personal mental masturbation. just because you think it’s shit, doesn’t mean anyone else does. whether or not people do think it’s shit, i don’t really give a fuck.

know i’m one hell of a writer, and just because you can’t appreciate that and choose to judge me on a few smut posts, doesn’t mean shit to me.

i’d like to see you do better, while still adhering to the rules listed above.


Strut Sims Next Top Model

Application includes:

A body shot and a face shot. (Show her strutting her stuff, let’s see her work it)



Why do you want it (speaking as your model please)?

(Tag it as SSNTM, so I can see it)

We are taking 20-25 applicants! So get your applications submitted! Draft One: Submit an application…once your application gets 40 notes, you will be part of the 20-25 hopefuls. (The first 20-25 applicants who hit 40 notes will be placed into the hopefuls, and we go from there.)


worst smut? laughs about it.

sorry you don’t know how to eat a pussy, bro.

new rule:


you must have your ask box turned on, so we can communicate with you when you are accepted, or if we have any clarifications about your application.

shannon's first sim adventures.
  • shannon:my sim just go abducted and im so scared
  • venture v. shitspitter:omg
  • venture v. shitspitter:they'll come back
  • venture v. shitspitter:with an alien pregnancy
  • shannon:fuuuuck
  • shannon:why
  • shannon:I hate this
  • venture v. shitspitter:you can use nraas to terminate it
  • shannon:thank lord
  • shannon:dat baby is unwanted
  • extractsims:


    if you have the fuckin nerve to throw a fit over me calling out the community on not being diverse enough you need to fucking check yourself 

    I’m not really throwing a fit, though…I wasn’t angry or rude. I’m just saying if you want to see it, you have a game too, so feel free. And attacking the community as a whole…is going to offend people. 

    don’t complain about the problem whilst continuing to contribute to it. do something to change it. uwu


    congratulations to our first nine accepted characters! if you haven’t received an acceptance message, it’s because you do not have your ask box turned on. however, you are on the characters pages, and you have been accepted, so have fun!